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Because of my occupation, I’m often invited to various types of conferences. Many times, these meetings begin in the early morning hours. Thankfully, most of the organizations that sponsor these conferences provide the invitees with a continental breakfast. However, at many events, the selection of foods only includes an assortment of donuts and bagels. Because I like to eat healthy, I wish more people would offer fruit for breakfast at these conferences. If you plan the breakfast menu for corporate conferences, consider adding different types of fruit to your standard bread and pastry offerings. On this blog, you will discover the best types of fruit to offer for breakfast at corporate conferences.

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Fruit to Start the Day

3 Important Steps In Planning Your Wedding Rehearsal

by Liam Clark

If you're planning an upcoming wedding, then you are probably very excited. However, it's important to be clear headed and pragmatic when you set out arranging for some of the logistical elements of the big day. You want everything to go off perfectly, and smoothly, so it's a good idea to check out some of the major things in advance. That way you won't get stuck with an obnoxious DJ or tone def band, bland food, or an overcrowded reception hall. Here's the three key elements you need to check out.

Make Sure You Sound Test The Band

If you're using a band, or a DJ, you should have some sort of sound check. Now, it's unlikely that they will line up and play for you on command, but most competent wedding bands and DJs should have some video evidence of their work from prior weddings. It's part of a professional entertainers job to have a good reel. Sometimes you will find this online when you are searching out different entertainers (they might link to their Vimeo or YouTube accounts) but other times you might have to request a video. Whatever you do, don't go in without some sort of review, lest you end up with a Jersey shore style, fist pumping DJ, when you want something more restrained.

Have A Tasting Menu Set Up From The Caters

The tasting menu is important. You should have the caters present samples of the meals they are offering. A big deal is often made about choosing the wedding cake, but don't forget that there is a whole lot of other food on the menu. So, you and your fiance should arrange for a meeting with the caters where they can present a selection of their foods. Then you can pick and choose what you want. Never simply choose something off a list without tasting it. It might sound delicious, but the chef might create something much different than what you imagine.

View The Reception Hall Ahead Of Time

When booking the reception hall, such as McHale's Events & Catering, you are probably going to be looking at lots of online photos. But it is important to actually go to the location and look at the venue in person. Photographers are quite creative, and you might see a room that looks quite large, but when you show up it is a bit too small, and you don't think you could fit your guests. Of course there is the other problem, the space might look warm and cozy, and end up being a huge hall that is intimidating. So, make it a point to find a venue that you like by searching online, but then also head to the place in person and make sure that it is just what you want.