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Because of my occupation, I’m often invited to various types of conferences. Many times, these meetings begin in the early morning hours. Thankfully, most of the organizations that sponsor these conferences provide the invitees with a continental breakfast. However, at many events, the selection of foods only includes an assortment of donuts and bagels. Because I like to eat healthy, I wish more people would offer fruit for breakfast at these conferences. If you plan the breakfast menu for corporate conferences, consider adding different types of fruit to your standard bread and pastry offerings. On this blog, you will discover the best types of fruit to offer for breakfast at corporate conferences.

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Fruit to Start the Day

Pros And Cons Of Offering Extremely Spicy Fare During Your Event

by Liam Clark

When you're working with a private event catering service to provide food for an upcoming event that you're hosting, you may be leaning toward including some spicy elements. Whether it's a ghost pepper sauce on a certain dish or habanero-topped appetizers, your love of spicy fare may have you seriously considering offering it to your guests. Before you make a decision, it's a good idea to think about these pros and cons of spicy food at a catered event.

Pro: It Attracts Excitement

While there will likely be some guests who aren't that interested in your spicy dishes, there's a good chance that several of those in attendance will be excited by what you're offering. Spicy food is a point of excitement for many people, especially those who are keen to try it and those who want to see people eat it. If you're the type of person who wants energy and excitement at your event, spicy food can definitely deliver in this regard.

Con: It Limits The Choices

Those who don't enjoy spicy food or who perhaps don't do well with it will generally steer clear of these options, which means that their dining experience is limited to some degree. For example, if you're having a party with a dozen different appetizers and have opted to have two of them be extremely spicy, those who aren't in favor of spice will only have 10 dishes from which to choose.

Pro: It Can Lead To Social Media Exposure

Those who are passionate about spicy food will often document their adventures on social media. This can mean that if you have a highly spicy dish at your event, some people may record themselves eating it and share it with their followers. This can create a buzz not just for your menu, but also for your event as a whole. If your event is recurring, there's a possibility that more people might want to attend the next one because of the online buzz surrounding the dish.

Con: Potential For Discomfort

One drawback to spicy fare is that people can consume it without initially realizing just how hot it is, and this can lead to discomfort. For example, if a child at your event were to grab something spicy and take a bite, he or she should be under considerable duress, which could result in criticism for you having such an item available to your guests.